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The Era of Online Tutoring

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

At present, we live within closed doors, with no offline access to our institutions of education. We cannot attend classes within the building we always thought we would visit daily. Instead, we stare at screens where teachers impart their knowledge through

their mikes, and we listen in through our earphones. This is the case only for students with access to technology and adequate resources such as good wifi and access to devices. Every day, we learn about stories of students not being able to attend classes because they have no access to the required resources. Recently, I heard stories about how students walk miles in order to connect to the internet, and also stand at bus stops in order to gain knowledge. This is a situation that deprives many children of one of their fundamental rights.

Nevertheless, there is a silver lining to the situation. Many non-profit organizations have paired with people who have access to the amenities required in order to impart education to various underprivileged students. These NGOs aim to provide high-quality education to students who have access to only a phone and an internet connection. They partner with highly motivated and compassionate citizens who have the capabilities to provide tutoring to students. These actions supremely benefit the student as well as the volunteer. The learners can clearly understand the topics taught, and they will surely be helped by the one-on-one attention that they receive from the tutor. They can also be assessed on the knowledge they have learned, and this will complement what they learn at school. The tutors benefit by meeting students with diverse cultures and vastly different experiences. They will only grow from such interactions and ultimately both the mentors and the mentees develop and mature from such conversations and contacts.

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