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Me and My Book.

Shreya Krishna Iyer

Me and my book are inseparable.

Me and My Book
Me and My Book

My book is my friend during my sad, happy, angry as well as emotional journey. The one that makes me laugh with all its humour and catchy statements, which takes me to its romantic world, makes me cry with love, teaches me to hold my head up and makes me travel all around.

Most importantly lets me cry over my emotional breakdown without any interference or giving an explanation. My book is my expression, knowledge, freedom, skill, love, friend, etc.

Me and my book are the best couple at moonlight lazing on the couch half asleep, still woken for the romance at heart. We are the best holiday couple seen, relaxing with each other. We are mostly fighting during exam times, with me cursing him for being so knowledgeable.

Showcasing my most brilliant creativity, describing my love for nature, my moody habits, my anger or my anxiety, mostly with him by my side, it's also happiness that flows through. This couple fulfils all its creative, artistic, moody, tough, sad and happy times together. Separated, we are like a river without water.   

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