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An initiative to help those who're willing to help themselves

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EdLodge Foundation connects every student who enrolls to a tutor who's willing to lend a hand in imparting quality education to the ones in need. Mostly, the tutors are high school students themselves or ones enrolled in bachelor/master degree programs. All we expect from the students is that they put the topics they need assistance in front of the tutor so as to filter the topics the tutor can exclude. Once done with a particular topic, the student can list the next topic he/she would like to learn and go with the flow!

Frequency: 1 to 3 days a week, depending on the requirements of the Student and the convenience of the Student and Tutor.

Platforms: Normal Calls, Video Calls, WhatsApp, Google Meet (depending on what’s most convenient for the Student).

Worksheets/Practice Papers: Student-specific Worksheets are prepared by our Assignment Managers.

Time and duration of Lessons: Extremely flexible, as per the mutual convenience of the Student and Tutor.



Do you know any needy children around you who could benefit from EdLodge’s free tutoring services? You can help us reach more children through your social circle by posting about our unique offer using the hashtag #ED4U on your social media handles!


#ED4U tag aims to attract more needy children to access their bit of education through EdLodge Foundation. Through the power of social media, we can extend our reach to wider and farther rural areas. With your voice and your effort, you can spread the word and make more people aware of our offer! 

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Free online tutoring

Flexible timing

Peer-to-peer interaction

Frequency of lessons depending on student

Personalized worksheets and practice papers