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The bell rings-

Wait, no.

The Zoom meeting ends.


Jumping over desks to rush outside the class-

Nah, nah.

Switching off the laptop and breathing out a sigh of relief.


Why is it so quiet?

Push the curtains aside.

The roads are empty

Sink down against the wall

This is too unusual

Is it?

Push the curtains aside again.

The shops are closed.

Where is everybody?

Rush back to the laptop

Open up Google Meets


Breathe a sigh of relief


I’m not alone


Homework. Online.

Weird huh?

No worries, shut the laptop.

Creep outside the room

A laugh. Fake

Mother’s faking her smiles in the online conference

It’s all a big hoax.

Creep to dad’s room

He’s engrossed in his work. Oblivious

Is that all?

Where is everybody?

No worries.

Rush back to the laptop.

Tech issues

Blank screens

Why isn’t anyone talking?

It’s too quiet.

I want to go outside


It’s been two years

Another sigh

The silence continues

Ma’am seems frustrated

The screens remain blank

The air remains silent

I feel so alone.

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1 Comment

Abhijith P.V
Abhijith P.V
Dec 12, 2021

It's sooo well written and in such simple words. Truly amazing work. ❤️

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