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Project #365

Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have!

(We assure you he's not saying "Cheese!" for the camera!)

Project #365 was one such instance where Team EdLodge reached out to the homeless and deprived in Shillong, Delhi and Bangalore, distributing food packets

with the aim of making someone's day!

It was executed in view of EdLodge's First Anniversary, thus marking a 365 day celebration of the organization by distributing 365 food packets in the aforementioned cities. Hence is the name Project #365!

Not only did this Project bring a smile on 365 different faces, but it also helped the team members at EdLodge to have an understanding at the grass-root level of the daily problems faced by those who don't lead luxurious lifestyles as well as open doors to the various children who can avail learning via our educative spectrum.

All in all, true giving from the heart is only an expression of love. It takes both sides to build a bridge!

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