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On Giving and Belonging

Economic models rooted in capitalism and consumption are expanding to domains of layman life. With shares, NFTs and crypto, the world has been reduced to a trade market of wealth. The only difference being that poor shopkeepers represent millions of masses and industrialised skyscrapers hold the elite few.

In this world of expansion, we leave behind our margins and forget our roots. Majority of today’s wealth is concentrated in the hands of a few and those very hands indirectly hold the blood and sweat of millions. Every day, farmers toil thanklessly. Every day, people starve and die. The people bringing food onto your plate don’t have enough for two-square meals themselves. And yet, we splurge on luxuries without looking back at the people behind us.

Change is a necessity, and even more, it is our salvation. The money in your hands will not be burnt or buried with you when you die, the money you hold will not amount to anything in the final moments of your life. Give the excess to people who can use it to grow themselves, and you will be watering a sapling that will feed the earth.

Because as of now, the tree is touching the sky, but our roots are drying.

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