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Grass Is Always Greener On the Other Side

By Shreya Krishna Iyer

This universe is round, its creatures are also round. We always dreamt of whether we are not fortunate or unfortunate, crying over petty issues and forgetting what we possess, that others are not fortunate.

Human desires are the most complicated thing to understand. Our desires are not always materialistic; they are mostly emotional. Hence, said the great poet Ovid "Grass is always greener on the other side". A bachelor thirsts for a companion, and a couple wants to run toward freedom. A schoolboy dreams about a successful life, while grownups want to go back to their childhood days.

A poor person wants to be rich, while a rich man tries to seek peace around him. An orphan tries to bond, while we run away from bonds. It's not always the connection of money or valuables, it's the trickling mind that desires for security, love, and peace; which makes him suffer. Some seek it at god's doors, some at children's smiles, some in art, and some in god's beauty.

Destiny has a place set for you and you will reach it at a destined time, till then flow along the journey of life with a smile. Because the dead today will not appear in the future. Don't let it go futile for worthless desires that never end.


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