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A short blog by Shreya K

That day I was on my way back home with mom, I saw a poor man pleading with fellow passengers to buy some of his balloons. He looked as if he was starving for days, looking behind him I saw two more pairs of eyes filled with hunger and pain.

I gazed at them with no conscience. He then looked at me , with those empty eyes as if he was pleading for his family.

I pleaded with my mother to buy a balloon from him, which was strange. I was a college student not a 5 year old kid playing with balloons.

Yet she bought me one, and the way the man’s was worth millions. The family happily rushed to a shop nearby and with the small sum distributed the food among them.

This love and care moved me. Each one of us has gone through this. We at some point might have found ourselves engrossed in other happiness.

Why is that so? Because love and kindness are the things that money cannot buy. The richest person can buy all the world's treasures but he gets peace in his life only when love enters. To get love we must spread love.


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