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For Every Child, Every Right!

Written by Jahnvi Vyas

“I can testify to what UNICEF means to children because I was among those who received food and medical relief right after World War II." - Audrey Hepburn

Edlodge recognises UNICEF Day

Today, I want to bring your attention to an important event that is celebrated globally – UNICEF Day. Established on December 11th every year, this day aims to raise awareness and support for the work that UNICEF does for the children all around the world. 

UNICEF believes that every child deserves a fair chance in life, regardless of their background or circumstances. This exactly what the Edlodge Foundation believes and is working towards with the support of its volunteers. 

It has established its presence in 192 countries and territories worldwide in the 76 years since its establishment. Their mission is to ensure that every child has access to education, healthcare, nutrition and protection from violence and exploitation. 

UNICEF is funded by government and individual donations. It is also the biggest supplier of vaccines globally. It raised $7.4 billion in goods and services for children in 162 countries in 2022 alone. This year, the theme for UNICEF Day is “For every child, every right."

It that started as the United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, is a well-known organization that focuses on providing assistance to children in need. It continued to use its original acronym UNICEF even after its full name was changed to United Nations Children's Fund in 1953. 

It especially overlooks underdeveloped and conflict zones on issues like immunizing children against disease, boosting education, offering emergency relief, stopping child abuse, and enhancing maternal health. 

On UNICEF Day, people from all walks of life come together to promote the rights and well-being of children and help support UNICEF's initiatives. It is a day to acknowledge the progress made in advancing child rights but also reflects on the challenges that children still face globally.

One of the most effective ways to show support for UNICEF and to celebrate UNICEF Day is by making a donation. Whether it is a large or small amount, every contribution makes a difference and helps UNICEF in their efforts to protect vulnerable children. You can choose to donate directly to UNICEF or participate in fundraising campaigns organized by individuals, schools, or community groups.

One of the key areas that UNICEF focuses on is ensuring access to quality education for all children. Education is a fundamental right of every child, yet millions around the world are still deprived of this basic necessity. UNICEF works diligently to promote inclusive and equitable education systems, enabling children to fulfill their potential and break the cycle of poverty. This is also something that the Edlodge Foundation has been doing through its online learning programs since two years. 

Through immunization programs, malnutrition prevention, and access to clean water and sanitation facilities, UNICEF saves countless lives and fosters healthy childhoods. Their interventions during humanitarian crises have proven crucial in preventing the spread of diseases and providing essential care to those in need.

The Edlodge Foundation made its contribution towards the children and people in need by initiatives like Project #DoNation, Project #365.

DoNation which was a student-led outreach program conducted for the residents of Shillong. Clothes, books, toys, e-gadgets and various other things that might be used by children were collected through generous donations.

Then, Project 365 was an event where Team EdLodge reached out to the homeless and deprived in Shillong, Delhi and Bengaluru, distributing 365 food packets with the aim of making someone's day as part of EdLodge's one year anniversary. 

Education plays a crucial role in shaping the future for children. On UNICEF Day, take some time to learn about the challenges faced by children in various parts of the world. Educate yourself about the impact of poverty, lack of access to education, insufficient healthcare, and how these issues affect the lives of children around the world. 

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