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12th Marking Scheme- Boon?

The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways all around the world. In the same light

let’s talk about the students who were to appear for the 12th CBSE/ICSE board examination this year. The challenges of spending this critical year online was itself hard to deal with. On the eve of the Board examinations, our Prime Minister called for the cancellation of the exams itself. Faced with the task of developing a fair and unbiased Marking Scheme, the CBSE announced one which would take into consideration the results of 10th, 11th and 12th.

The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) declared a 30:30:40 evaluation pattern for Class 12 i.e. 12 results will be tabulated by considering 30 per cent marks from Class 10 board exams, 30 per cent from Class 11 and 40 per cent from Class 12 assessments.Students in Urban Areas complained about the usage of 11th results in the same, pointing out many students did not pay enough attention to the class’ examinations in the hope they could recover during 12th. While we were busy pointing out it’s flaws, we failed to notice the advantages it holds for students living in rural areas.

The fact remains that the Pandemic affected the Rural students way worse than it did us. Excluded from Online learning, these students were also forced to leave schools altogether so as to find

sources of work to help their displaced families. One might argue that the marking scheme is unfair since, unable to access online classes, a majority of the rural students did not even get a chance to give the 12th Pre-Boards, which account for 40% of the 12th results. But what they fail to notice is that the Marking Scheme has been developed in such a way that despite facing several challenges through the course of 12th, these students are marked fairly at least on 60% of their results, which is based on their 10th and11th marks. Not to mention, excluded from learning, they would also have a hard time giving the examinations if they were to be conducted.

The pandemic offered unforeseen challenges in every sphere of life, conducting the Board examinations being one of them. The Marking Scheme so developed might not be perfect, but considering the given circumstances, it seems like the best alternative available and developed.

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