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Top 6 educational trends in recent times

Written by Atulya VK

Often, while pursuing their course, students who initially had a specific major in mind may find themselves drawn to new pursuits. This may arouse doubt and a desire to look into alternative academic options, as selecting a subject major that might not result in a rewarding career could create a sense of anxiety, which forms the major concerns for many students.

A wide variety of majors and subjects are frequently offered by universities, which might be daunting for students who may not have a clear idea of their hobbies and professional aspirations. With ever-changing educational trends and ordeals, students often find themselves in the trance of choosing the right career paths.

In this situation, a deficiency of knowledge regarding different majors, job opportunities, and the abilities needed for every area may exist among certain students. Wherein, making precise decisions may be difficult as a result of this lack of knowledge. To top it off, external factors, including parental pressure, societal expectations, or the desire to pursue a degree that is thought to have good employment prospects, make the fear of choosing the wrong path all the more paralysing.

So to ease your doubts, here are the top 6 popular subjects in the educational trend that might interest your likes and interests:


Engineering programs attract a significant number of students globally due to the diverse career opportunities they provide and the vital role that engineering plays in the development of infrastructure, diversified industries, and technological developments. The need for highly qualified workers in a variety of sectors, the possibility of technical innovation and advancement, and the influence that engineers may have on society globally are the main factors driving engineering's popularity. Opportunities in industries like manufacturing, technology, healthcare, energy, and infrastructure development are common for graduates of engineering programs. Including fields like civil, mechanical, electronic, computer, biomedical, aeronautical, industrial, and software engineering, it typically offers a wide range of specialisations.

Information Technology

Advancements in domains such as blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), cybersecurity, and cloud computing are expected to maintain information technology's leading position in the economy. This dynamic and ever-evolving nature works its way in order to attract the student, making it a popularly sought-after subject. With the variety of career pathways that IT offers, people can focus on a number of fields, including network administration, cybersecurity, data science, software development, and IT management. Also, experts in information technology are in constant demand since almost all sectors of the economy, including manufacturing, banking, healthcare, education, and entertainment, depend on technology.

Business studies

In the current world, business skills are in demand globally as students grasp the value of knowing worldwide markets, global economies, and cross-cultural business practices as the corporate landscape grows more intertwined. Business studies is a broad subject offering a broad range of specialisations, including accounting, finance, organization, human resources, and marketing, from the perspective of business management. If you’re one of the students interested in indulging in the diverse career paths of social media marketing, advertising, sales, HR, stocks, investment, finance, and entrepreneurship, then this subject might interest you. A degree in business studies can land one up with numerous professional paths in the corporate, non-profit, government, and entrepreneurial domains, among others. But it's also crucial to remember that the advantages of business studies might change depending on personal tastes, ambitions, and the particular program or school. When selecting a major, students should carefully evaluate their interests and career goals.


Medical courses are often appealing since there is a constant need for healthcare workers, such as physicians, nurses, and other medical specialists. Often regarded with high prestige and status in society, it offers numerous specialisations and career paths, such as general practice, surgery, paediatrics, cardiology, neurology, physiotherapy, nursing, and many more. Students can select a speciality that fits with their interests and professional objectives because of this diversity. In short, the continued popularity of medical courses can be attributed to a number of factors, including prestige, humanitarian aspects, a variety of career options, job security, technological advancements, global demand, research opportunities, interdisciplinary learning, and the inherent challenges of the field.


Psychology has been a popular subject at many universities worldwide. Being one of the most often sought-after majors among college students, it provides them with the opportunity to further their degrees and explore a variety of career paths. Being one of the most versatile majors, psychology gives students the opportunity to pursue a variety of career routes and acquire a wide range of abilities. Graduates in psychology acquire valuable skills for both spoken and written communication, data evaluation and analysis, and problem-solving techniques that can be used in a variety of fields beyond psychology. Almost all occupations in psychology contribute to human development in some way, which makes psychology one of the most rewarding fields. Psychology graduates can interest themselves in a wide range of professions, including clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, counselling psychology, and educational psychology, depending on the degree they choose to pursue.

Language studies

Nowadays, linguistics, literature, language acquisition, and allied subjects continue to draw large numbers of students, making language studies a popular subject. If you are a person constantly interested in learning new cultures and languages, then this subject of language studies would certainly catch your attention. There are several avenues for pursuing a career in language studies, like various degree programs in linguistics, literature, or language instruction offered at numerous universities. These programs can expand one's employment options in the fields of corporate communication, interpreting, teaching, translating, and journalism. Additionally, due to the growing popularity of international trade and relationships, business owners frequently need the services of interpreters and translators in order to communicate and work out a fair agreement with international traders. Thus, the popularity of this subject is fueled by the growing awareness of the benefits of multilingualism and the interconnection of the world.

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