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Reviving the motivational spark

Written by Atulya VK

“Is this career really meant for me?”, “Am I on the wrong path?” Many similar questions ponder our heads when we assert certain career goals but all of a sudden they don’t make any sense to you.

When faced by continuous failures, setbacks and meagre progress most of us come across a point where we find ourselves asking, “Have I messed up?”, should I have just taken up that job or career path that my parents had suggested? . Even after successfully achieving them many individuals still continue to face the constant void of unhappiness within themselves.

Having a successful career is an important thing that we all work everyday to accomplish one day, starting right from our school days to doing part time and odd jobs till we finally achieve that position or job that we had always desired. But what if that burning fire of passion becomes weak because of the constant stress and worry of this fast paced world. Regardless of whether you are a student pursuing your career or those who have achieved it, one might come across the phase facing a lack of required motivation. It may be instances of constant burnout, sadness, or simply a sense of emptiness from feeling compelled to

work or pursue a goal despite not enjoying it as much as before because all the excitement of the journey had transformed into an endless work routine dwindled in the endless maze of work we might forget to live our lives, allowing the passion that once burned brightly to smoulder into a staggering flame.

Let's be honest, resorting to drinking and partying at the end of the day won’t bring about lasting reconciliation.

Following are of the things that one can do in an effort to rekindle their fire once again.

Breaks: Taking a break to cool down and relax, probably go off on an adventure or relaxing trip according to one's taste. This might help you feel the excitement in your life and the sensation of living life on the edge again.

Finding The Inner Child: Just doing silly and comforting things can also release the stress to great levels. It could be connecting with one’s hobbies , spending quality time with loved ones, hanging out with old friends relinquishing old memories, dancing out in the rain or just quietly reading in the warmth of a cosy lit atmosphere and relaxing.

Back To The Roots: Thinking of the first instances that gained your interests into the current field that you're working in might help in recalling the lost passion. It could be anything, a memory or the role model that you looked up to be as a child, like a business tycoon or as simple as your awesome parents. Things like your first role model and mentors may inspire you to connect with yourself on a more inner level.

Finding The Balance: Maintaining balance between work and personal life is crucial. It’s possible that work life has overtaken some of its domains and produced excessive pressures. If this is the case, it may be necessary to draw boundaries and respect mental health equally by allocating equal time for exercise, dancing, and reflecting on one’s inner self through meditation, yoga, etc. Since working is just another aspect of life, it doesn’t have to become the central idea around which you must plan your routine. Instead of being the part that stresses you out, it should be a stepping stone or a sign of advancement.

Quitting Comparisons: Lastly and most importantly giving up the age old practice of comparing yourself with others could also result in amazing improvement. Comparing your accomplishments and progress to others is seen to be the main contributor to feelings of disappointment and sadness. The only healthy comparisons made should be with your past self while keeping track of your daily progress and achievements along the way.

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