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How fun it once was

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

This story is about the boring life of a well-respected officer who wants to return to his old life of a rag picker. He remembers about the thrill in his life he had when he scavenged in the garbage in hopes of finding something useful or pretty. He hates how boring his life is even when he has no shortage of resources. I was previously a rag picker, which means I went through the garbage to find useful things. Life was very thrilling and exciting being a rag picker because it felt like I had my own business. There were times when I did not want to go to sleep since I wanted to spend my night going through the garbage for useful things. However, everything changed when I became an officer. I was given a good house, nice cars, and a big bank account; however, this did not motivate me to stay as an officer.

I did not lament my life just because of the hardships I faced over time. I rather motivated myself to keep on going, keep on the positive thoughts, think of my life as an adventure. I was a TinTin adventuring in the seas finding that treasure map. I miss these adventurous moments in my life. I miss being poor.

I wanted to return to my old life of being a rag picker because it was very exciting. When I was a rag picker, I had to go through the garbage every day in order to find things that I could sell at the market. The most interesting part of being a rag picker is that, every day is different and challenging since there are new items in the garbage every day. There’s always that thrill of finding new things and either sell them or keep them myself.

Well now, I can only remember those good old days. I have a family to take care of and there is no misery of not having enough money for something. Though it’s boring here, I cannot leave this place. I cannot run from my responsibilities. This is what I tell to consolidate myself even though I know the thrill of life I left in that garbage which can never be obtained again.

“Sad life is not a bane, Rather it is the thrill”

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