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A Safer Internet Day...

By Shreya Krishna Iyer

GM! Came a WhatsApp!

There beeps your phone,

Starting up your day.

There goes your hand,

Scrolling up mails,

One Click! Post GM!

Goes your insta story.

There ends the day,

Viewing your friend’s story!

Imagine what will happen,

If internet dies?

We render tails of our parents, striking hilarious and innocent mischiefs

during their school days. Long night talks, spending hours in the ground, do rupay ka mangola, etc. I sometimes wonder how our children will react when we tell them about their grandparents’ childhood without the internet, how curiously they will hear about Doordarshan, radios, and STDs. Maybe they will hear it as a fantasy.

That is how this world today has become. Almost everyone in the household ranging from children to the elderly is glued to the screen. I will not say that we have lost our innocence or childhood. Because those hilarious & innocent mischiefs never die, they keep changing forms. This present form has exposed them to the whole world. Each and every action of theirs is exposed to the whole world. Does this sound safe?


       The social media generation of today is completely trapped. Each and every detail of theirs is found on the internet. The increasing number of cyber crimes also proves this. Nowadays, net banking, UPI payment, etc. have become common. This has become a boon to hackers and robbers. How can we ensure our and our children’s safety in such an environment?

   Cyber security is a crucial factor nowadays. We can run away from the internet

or technology but cannot forget that it has its own risks attached to it. We need to be utmost careful while filling in details on various websites, enrolling, or using social media sites, etc. Even while we are doing any bank transaction, do not reveal any passwords and keep an authenticity check. Virus protection and many more precautionary measures are necessary while using the internet.

             That is the reason why the EU [European Union] celebrates ‘The Safer Internet Day every year’. This was started by the EU SafeBorders project in 2004. It was taken up by the Insafe networks as one of its earliest actions in 2005. “Safer Internet Day” is celebrated worldwide to promote the safe and positive use of technology for children and young people. The day also inspires a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically, and creatively.

            To celebrate this day, the nation works towards expanding its online safety portfolio by generating more awareness. You need to understand how to deal with cyberbullying, viruses, big data politics, etc. It is essential for us to understand whom to approach and communicate with regarding cyber issues. Even parents need to have regular conversations regarding this with their children. Online safety is not for a day, it should be maintained throughout. The Internet is an integral part of our lives, it provides opportunities to learn, create, and connect, but on the other hand, the online world can also create challenges. 

            This year “Safer Internet Day” will be celebrated on 6th February. This year’s

goal or theme revolves around ‘Inspiring changes’. The young generation will be guided on how to make positive use of the internet, which helps in changing their lives and creating a difference in society. It will also talk about how to manage and navigate such changes. Not everyone is able to balance their lives, which has increased drastically after the rise of technology. Many succumbed to internet fame, which is short-lived and inappropriate. It will also help in knowing and acknowledging new perspectives on technology and how the young generation pursues it to create a difference. It basically aims to inspire changes in how the internet is used.

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