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Namita Varshini B

Interview Board

Namita Varshini hails from Chennai, TamilNadu.
She is a studious person and loves learning new things.
She is a very proficient speaker, debater, and is fluent in 3 languages. She actively takes parts in extra-curricular activities & has won many awards in such competitions.
She loves watching English series; reading books, especially Sidney Sheldon & at the same time enjoys listening to music. She is a huge sportsperson & a western dancer.
She is passionate about whatever she sets her mind to. Her ambition is to one day work in the civil services of her country.
Also, she was selected as one of The Times of India's 'Star Correspondent' out of almost 600 students and have worked very closely with the 'Editorial team' of The Times of India.
She’s an active MUNner & has bagged awards in almost every conference she attended. She has taken part in MUN conferences as Delegate, Chairperson and Secretariat.
Namita hopes to make learning fun for the children, by adopting some unique & new techniques to teach them.
She strongly believes the quote, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.
She enjoys her role as a member of the Management Crew with Ed Lodge. She acts as an interviewer, where her role is to conduct interviews & select prospective tutors who are capable of providing quality education to children.
And along the way, she gets to meet new people from different backgrounds, who share their interesting experiences in life and have delightful conversations.

Namita Varshini B
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