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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

“Sometimes is sad to look at how people work to survive but

sometimes risk brings beauty to the world.”

-YouTube comments (Why People Risk Their Lives To Make Millions

Of Bangles In India | Risky Business | Insider News)

It is a busy week for Ashwini. A foreign film company is visiting his banglemaking factory in Firozabad to make a film on them. Ashwini is one of the thousands of illegal child laborers who “assist” their families in the factories. Bangle-making is the primary occupation of the people in this city. Ashwini’s father worked at the same factory as him. Being a child, his job is one of the simpler ones – carrying the broken and leftover glass to a pile, from where it will

go into the furnace again.

The film crew have been coming for three days. Father says they will probably be there for three or four days more. Ashwini looks on with a quizzical expression as two of them go

around with a camera, while a few more go around talking to the workers.

Ashwini would have loved to be on camera too. But he was told children are not allowed; the crew will talk to the adults only. Their manager had promised a hundred rupees to the people the crew interviewed. The film company had no contract with them. Their

contract was with the company, for an undisclosed sum of money.

Even though Ashwini was not going to get paid, one good had come out of the crew’s visit. His company was providing them lunch for the week, keeping with the joyful atmosphere of the foreigners.

Normally, Ashwini brings two chapatis from home, so a free lunch comprising rice and fish curry is a welcome change.

Ashwini had not seen foreigners before, expect on the television

screen. They were a good bunch, although sometimes a bit too enthusiastic about the very simple aspects of their work. His father on the other hand has not shown any enthusiasm. According to him, the only good that comes from these visits is the bonus the workers get.

But Ashwini believes when people see their hard work, there will be more money because they will get customers from outside the country. He most likely would not get to see the finished film but if its anywhere as successful as Salman Khan’s movies, then it will

definitely increase the demand for their bangles.

“Another example of Millions of People across the world who want to

be slaves. There is no hope for humanity.”

- YouTube comments (Why People Risk Their Lives To Make Millions

Of Bangles In India | Risky Business | Insider News)

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