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Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Image Credits: The Economic Times

I have one old he story about my house. On the map of Metro construction in Delhi you can see the red fort. This line is going through some old houses in the locality, one of them is my house . My family and I had to leave our house during construction because the pillar of Metro was under our house. The engineers had to move the pillar because my house was on the Mettine.

For two years we lived in my uncle's house. During this time I got interested in the subject of computer programming and decided to study it in university. After two years, when all was ready for Metro construction, I asked my parents whether they would like to move back our old house or have a new one. They decided to have a new house because during these two years my father had built another one next to the old one. So the Metro company gave us money for moving and buying a new house.

I saved some money also to buy some furniture and school stuff. Now I am in Delhi University, studying BCS (honours) and today my house has a small clinic at the top floor. And that is why I have taken ITC (Information Technology Certificate). My parents want me to get this certificate because they think it will be helpful for me in future. After ITC I plan to do MCA from DPU or another university Maybe after getting professional degree I will go back to my house to help and serve my locality. I want to do MCA because after getting BCS (Hons) I found that it is not enough for professional career. In university I learned the programming and how to design a software, but in real world there are many problems which we never thought before like security and bugs etc. So I need more knowledge in this field to get a good job. And another reason of taking MCA is that I can help my parents in their business.

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