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The sky is pink

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

I can achieve my dream...

"I am a rickshaw driver. "My drive to earns comes from my longing to buy my dream car one day."Rakshan is a transgender man who comes from a middle-class family. He completed his formal education and wanted to pursue his career with an MBA and start his own business.

But destiny had something better to offer him shortly. Suddenly, he came across a few changes mentally as well as physically in his daily routine, which made him feel so strange about himself. He started to put kajal in his eyes, grew his nails, and wore pink t-shirts. It was very absurd to understand his actions. His friends started teasing him.

He stopped going to school, and his parents did not allow him to study further."I

don't know anything; I don't wish to do these things, but it's not my fault, Maa..." After consulting with the doctor, His parents got to know that he is transgender. At first, it was extremely arduous for his parents to digest this. However, Rakshan was fortunate to have incredible parents. They started accepting him as she wished and helped her adapt to her new environment.

As days passed by, she developed the courage to step out and decided to study

further. But again, God had something better planned for her this time as well. because

the institute refused to give her admission because she was transgender. bad, but the inner calling did not stop. She decided to start her own business and started a food truck with the help of her parents. But here, customers did not even buy the food distributed voluntarily because the dish was made by a transgender person. She gave up. Why is society so rigid? Is it always the outer glow that matters, and why does nobody understand that the pure soul exists inside me?

Rakshan was hopeless and melancholy. One day she thought to go out for a drive in a rickshaw with her father. But this time she agreed to drive the rickshaw and told her father to sit back. He restricted himself, but she convinced him that she would drive today for a change. As said, Rakshan was driving the Rickshaw. She was conversing with her father about the day, the climate, his friends, etc. Unexpectedly, I heard a voice ringing in my ears. "Excuse me, kya aap mujhe Mahatma Nagar le jaa sakte ho?" That moment for Rakshan was so surprising and euphoric. She dropped the customer off at the place, and she was also complimented on her beauty.

That day, Rakshan changed her mind and planned to become a rickshaw driver. But now she doesn't bother with what society thinks about her. She realized that she could make an impact and survive all the hurdles that came her way. She starts driving a rickshaw the next day and pitches to around 5 to 10 customers, which is an amazing achievement for her.

Rakshan is a successful rickshaw driver today. When we ask her, "What was the one biggest lesson from being transgender?" She says "I realized, it's not the view of society; it's always about us. We think a lot about how others perceive us. Whereas, it shouldn't bother us at all. I like the color pink, and I wear it. I faced a lot of rejection, but I used it as a stepping stone to reach my goal. I feel so grateful for having such great parents."

I want to buy a Mercedes, make my parents sit in it, go for a long drive, and tell them how grateful I feel for having them as a blessing in my life. Hence, I have a picture of the car on the back side of my rickshaw so that I get inspired and enlightened every day when I witness it and work hard towards achieving it.

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