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Stand for Self

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

(How underprivileged children strive harder to pursue education)

When we look at our social area, many large initiatives are there to help underprivileged children, but sometimes it is just to show up. For example, we can see many times in our city or rural area that many children are looking forward to a good future, but financial support, daily meals of food and shelter, clothes, and many other essentials are not available.

"Education is not education if the heart is not also educated." "Education is the most effective tool you can use to alter the world," they say. "Teaching is learning twice." A society's essence, as it is passed down from generation to generation, is simply education.

Sahil is one of them—a self-motivated, knowledgeable, and astute student who has come to Hyderabad to achieve goals and fulfil a personal dream. Sahil was admitted to the university thanks to a government scholarship. And after they join, they live in the hostel with College Trusty's son; all of the students are aware that Sahil is poor and comes from a low-income family. Sahil was a calm, understanding, and kind person. All roommates are troubling to Sahil. All remaining or pending work like washing clothing, cleaning the room, dusting, etc. The college trusty (A.S.C college Hydrabad) uses Sahil's talent for the benefit of other students, as if extra money invested will pay off. So, Sahil was a good designer. All of his remaining friends are questioning him on why he bears everything; you deserve better chances. Then Sahil said, "You don’t understand my situation, so please." Sahil worked hard for one pair of shoes and won first prize for it, but his college trusty called him at his office and told him to take the money and not tell anyone about the deal, so Sahil cried and said to his sir, "This is my project, my hard work, so why are you doing this? This is not fair, sir." Sir gave the order Jeetna Mil Raha Hai Useme Khush Raho. The college has already paid for all of your expenses. Then Sahil quietly went to his room and cried. Then the college principal driver learned about all of the problems, and the driver assisted Sahil in overcoming their situation. Because Sahil speaks with the Driver (Saleem Bhai) every day at college because Sahil have not much friends. Saleem Bhai motivated all time for Sahil. Saleem Bhai say Stand up for yourself; no one is here to look after you. "Yaha Matlabi Jamana Hai Napharto ka Kaher Hai, Ye Duniya Dikhati Shahad Hai pilati Jahar Hai." Then Sahil decided battle for ourself and own right for talent Sahil proofs himself at college and makes changes.

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