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Painful Silence Heals the Time-A slum dweller's perspective

Slum-dwellers often lack access to decent jobs, educational and skill training offers, as well as to social benefits and health facilities. As it could be a slum, folks living within the space don't have decent monetary resources to support their families in an exceedingly tight manner. As not enough food is offered for the whole family, girls of virtually every social unit were the smallest amount able to eat well. Consistent hunger and inadequate food have brought them several physical and psychological issues. deficiency disease had severely affected particularly women’s physical growth. Life in the slum is often dangerous for women. This is particularly true of women headed households. Especially where women must go out to work and manage everything on their won. There have been many instances of crime in these localities which are sexually rather than money motivated. We keep it up discussing problems like force, molestation, state etc. and thinking that these problems area unit severely touching girls. however, there are a unit several alternative grave problems that area unit damaging women’s lives all-round the globe and girls living in slum area unites are at the worst hit by these factors.

“A robust lady is aware of she has strength enough for the journey; however, a lady of strength is aware of it's within the journey wherever she's going to become robust.”

Fact: Experience is best deposit in life, Compulsion is the worst part of life, Expectation is bad habit.

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