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Modes Of Passion

By Shreya K. Iyer

Have you ever felt a dying urge to engross yourself or have you been found sunken deep down in your work unknown to this world? Well, this measures your passion. Your passion to occupy one day, time, and money. It shows how dedicated you are. It’s a way of showering life with love and gratitude. Well, what is passion?

Any work or job that makes one happy and that one pursues with interest is said to be one’s passion. It is more than some meagre hobby. Anything that makes you happy, satisfies your soul and brings a feeling of joy inside you. Something that makes you forget everything around you whether it be money, people, food, water etc. Ring any bells?

We all, at some point, loved what we did. But at some stage, with binding responsibilities, pressure, ambition, environment, and relationships, we lost our pure, innocent passion for our work. We have reached a phase where we think we have started working for money and power but somewhere deep inside us that passion and love still exist and it is high time we rediscover that passion. 

While money and position do play a major role in our lives, we don’t have to put an end to that. But we can very well define to what extent it should define our lives. We must know our limits for every step. Finally, happiness is what we aim for and love, money, and power are just the sprinklers of happiness but passion is its heart and soul.

So just take out a few moments of your day and follow your passion not because it’s your job but because you love it. For instance, if you are a dancer and dance is also your passion, give a few moments to yourself where you would dance not for the audience, not for rehearsal but for yourself in your tune.

Don’t let the world influence or curb your passion, don’t let them pollute it. Just live it how you want to. The intensity of your passion may fluctuate with time but it should never die and if it is dead it means it was never your passion.

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