Importance of School

It’s one in the morning. You’re sitting at your desk and staring blankly at the math problem you’ve been at for the last four hours and every cell in your body is crying with exhaustion. The page is full of cancellations, diagrams and scribbles and at this point, it’s just a blur of information in your head. As you look at the endless torrent of questions before you, you just think to yourself:

Why am I doing this?”

“When am I ever going to use this math in my life?”

I’ve been in this situation more times than I can count and it’s always made me wonder about the importance of school and how much of what we learn in school do we really apply in our real life. Truth be told, a lot of what we learn, we don’t always use later on. We feverishly learn it for our exam and the minute we step out of that hall, it’s erased from our memory completely. However, over the years, I’ve come to understand that there’s a lot we can learn and a lot we can take back from school, even if some of the things aren’t always relevant to us.