Impact of Remote Learning on the Mental Health of Students

In early 2019, the idea of the COVID-19 crisis would’ve seemed like something straight out of a dystopian, apocalyptic young adult novel. That seems to not be the case anymore as of 2022, with the world already being two-and-half years into the pandemic.

With schools and colleges shut, all learning moved online.

An abrupt and overwhelming state of social withdrawal and isolation has led to the steady decline in the mental health of Gen-Z, due to complications of stress and anxiety arising from the pandemic-esque changes in life in general, and changes in schooling and education in particular.

Death, bereavement, and implications on future job prospects (due to employers, quite widely, disregarding the relevancy of a qualification attained during the lockdown period) have had a significant impact on the emotional well-being of students in university, with unhealthy coping mechanisms being employed to keep one’s head above water.