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Gratitude towards Education

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

The art of giving back to society.

Anecdote Complete strangers and blank faces greeted me on the first day of class. With an appreciable tone, Come in Aarti. Sit down! Which made me feel euphoric because that was the first time when someone acknowledged my emotions and made me feel comfortable. The class started as I was keenly observing the teacher and the classroom filled with colorful charts, engaging quotes, a wall for gratitude note, and a blackboard starting with the thought of the day. I felt really great and thankful for where I am. Suddenly the bell rang and all went for recess. I was keeping my notebooks inside my bag.

The teacher came and asked me Hey Aarti! How is it going? Are you enjoying the class? I was in a totally confused state because this was the first time. I have experienced a teacher coming to a student and asking these things which was actually making me feel happy but, on the other hand, I didn't know how to speak English but could understand it. I was finding words and struggling to make a sentence in mind for a few seconds. But considering my situation my teacher said it's ok you can tell me in Hindi, "Koi baat nahi" I breathe and let my mouth open to answer that I feel good and really enjoyed the history class she took. After one week I started interacting with all my classmates and remembered their names. It was the month of August where I could see students from different classes practicing speeches, dance performance, singing a song, preparing a skit and making posters for the occasion of 15th August. Whereas, from my class nobody was interested in participating in the program.

Everyone left the classroom as the bell rang. My teacher called and asked me if I would like to take part in classical dancing for the event with the other two girls. I was completely blank and I said I didn't know how to dance. My teacher said, I will teach you, don't worry. Not only these words but also the kind unsaid gestures she showed towards me changed my whole perspective of looking at her and I raised my respect for her. I performed on that day. I felt like that was the day I lived to the fullest as I could, because that was the first time I felt like I achieved something.

Isn't it? So many times we really find beautiful things without even looking for them. We accidentally stumble across a great opportunity, perhaps person. We find such beautiful things that it makes me wonder, is it even an accident, a coincidence or just meant to be? Likewise, for me it was my Teach for India teachers who constantly worked hard to pull me out of my comfort zone and made me shine like a precious diamond and reach greater heights. I know the word "Thank You" just isn't enough to show gratitude but to pass on what I learnt from them and to be in the part of the chain. Gratitude towards education is a must for everyone.

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