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EdLodge: An educational platform catering towards gender equality

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Written by Atulya VK

In this blog, our volunteer details how the Edlodge Foundation is making its mark towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goal four (SDG 5)- Gender Equality.

I am sure each one of us has one such memory of our parents scolding us to focus on our studies and secure good grades. As children, we get annoyed with their persistent pestering, but as adults, we also understand their concerns. Education is one of the basic rights that everyone is entitled to. But it is also a harsh reality that even today, there are unprivileged people deprived of their rights to education, either due to financial problems or the underlying problem of gender disparity.

Through the implementation of programs like the national education policy and midday plans, the government aims to give basic education to every child. However, considering the ever-expanding population, there is still a long way to go before achieving the sustainable development goal of high-quality education.

Therefore, it's also critical to comprehend the connections between gender equality and the availability of high-quality education, as well as how factors like rising male preference might contribute to gender inequality. A far more pronounced gender disparity can be evidently seen among the impoverished and rural populations, where parents are more inclined to prioritize their sons' education over their daughters'. It is in fact something that’s engraved into their mind to look upon the males as the future breadwinners while the daughters are looked upon as liabilities to be married off, resulting in a gender gap that prevents men and women from having equal access to higher education. Therefore, in order to ensure the prosperity of the nation's future generations, it is imperative to provide for necessary educational facilities.

With the increased advancement in technology, various online platforms have initiated their ways of spreading awareness and helping people gain the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills. One such non-profit group that seeks to help students who are willing to learn is the EdLodge Foundation. With an emphasis on high-quality learning using electronic media, it seeks to provide free instructions, guidance and resources to any student in need of direction, as well as passionate young people from rural areas. Being based on an online platform, it believes in equitable treatment, rejecting any kind of gender disparity in the educational system. Something that started two years ago as a small act of kindness, it has gradually developed into an excellent non-profit organization that works to give children the chance to learn and thrive through its online platform. Giving assistance to everyone who possesses a desire to study and advance, it has grown to operate in 14 states and offer volunteer opportunities to anyone who wants to support their cause.

The foundation fosters a warm and inviting environment where learners feel comfortable opening up and getting their questions answered while upholding a kind and helpful demeanour. In this sense, it serves as a learning hub that troubled students could visit to have a better comprehension of specific topics. This way, by organizing donation programs and blogging initiatives to raise awareness regarding various educational concerns, it strives to establish its place in the educational field as an additional support to guide the children.

In this way, the Edlodge Foundation works to improve the e-learning environment by lowering educational inequalities and encouraging equal chances for anyone who is passionate about learning, regardless of their gender.


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