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Digital Cleanup At Edlodge

By Jahnvi Vyas

When I first joined the Editorial Board as a head, I was assigned a very unique task. The founder of the Edlodge Foundation, Gurshan asked me to clean the mailbox every week. I was like what? We are going to just delete these emails, just like that?

Digital Waste Cleanup
Digital Cleanup

He said yes, their work is done and we do not need them anymore. So let’s delete the unnecessary ones. Although I have always had a habit of keeping my digital space as clean as possible, an organisation doing that on a weekly basis really astonished me.

So here is how they follow it, they ask every head of the department to delete the unnecessary emails and archive the ones that need to be referred to later, after reading. Then we need to fill out a form (of course that includes other management tasks as well) which asks us to share a screenshot of how our email box looks like.

So, I have been practising that every week here.

However, this time, it was a little unique. I thought, why not include our fellow team members as well in this task? So I discussed this with the team and they were willing to do it aside from their regular editorial tasks. I can only hope they like this contribution. Well, even if they didn’t, they have done it to the fullest. 

Edlodge’s editorial team mainly works on Canva and Google Documents to perform tasks such as writing blogs and writeups and creating web stories along with newsletters. And of course, editing all of these. We have also recently started including cartoons in our fortnightly publications as a way of spreading knowledge and awareness for our readers. 

So, where’s the digital cleanup angle to this?

Well, let me just come to this. All of these tasks create loads of junk files, uploads and draft templates which never got published. These are what? A form of digital trash, yeah! So to keep the space cleaner and to create less waste from our team, we just deleted all of these. 

We, the team of four, did this in just over two weeks. We were able to delete all the redundant files that we created and TA DA.. we cleaned our space. As easy as that. I bet you, they were a lot but we did it. All of us suggest you may also just start with deleting those spam emails or maybe that picture you have a hundred copies of. Happy digital cleaning.

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