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Daily Ramblings and Future Plans

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” – C.S. Lewis Annoying little poser! As I look at the twenty something standing in front of me, I consider for a moment to tell him we’re out of polybags. Tiresome poser comes in everyday to buy a bottle of coke and asks for a large polybag. Thinks he’s classy or something. But, then again, a month of soft drinks is a decent amount of money so I try my best to calm my nerves.

I get lots of customers everyday and its been three years since I graduated school and joined my father’s convenience store. But I have not seen a snobbier person than this.

Its annoying enough to have to wake up every morning at 6, then there’s this guy to deal with. I didn’t even want to join this business. But, it’s a fairly successful business with a chain of five convenience stores and I wasn’t exactly acing my exams in school, so learning the family trade early seemed like a good option.

In any case, it’s not all bad I guess. We don’t really have that many full-time employees. Most of our employees are local college students looking to make a few extra bucks or fulfilling daddy’s fantasy of raising a self-dependent child. Thanks to the employment policy I get to go home at lunch break when my shift ends. Dad gets to save money from not having to hirefull-timers and I get the second part of the day to myself.

Its still three hours till lunch. I imagine the afternoon nap I’ll get when I go home and suddenly wish the shift ended right then. It’s a matchday as well. Harish said he might drop by today. He’ll probably come before the game. We generally order some fast food online and play Counter Strike or watch a movie.

I’m glad our overlords give us the weekends off. Weekdays are mostly boring. I can’t find much to do in the afternoon and Harish has a job so he can’t come over either. Most of my other friends have moved away from the city for jobs. Some of the rest who’re here drop by but, its rare.

I think about what we might order and I’m suddenly hungry. I scroll through Instagram looking at the food vlogs. Weird stuff. I give up when I reach a video titled “Gold Tea (with rose water)” showing some desi guy making tea with gold foil in one of those streetside chai shops.

For the last few months, I’ve been running a vlog too. Nothing as awesome as golden tea but it’s fun. Harish chips in from time to time. But, he has his job and I don’t get the feeling either DIY or shooting videos are his thing. I did some research online this week and found a few ideas. Maybe I can get him to agree to come tomorrow and help me out. It’s hard to remain committed when there’s less traffic because of your account being new. But, if my account gets going I’ll actually have something to look forward to in the evenings.

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