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Charity isn't About Credit Always

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

In the world where people kill one another for smuggling of their organs

humanity exists with and increasing crime rate of the country the education

matters and thus creates a difference. Ed lodge is a platform which works for the

same it’s not just a charity group but a group that would create a difference

involving many youngsters like me the networking is under the new generation

familiar with today’s scenario. This is the platform where we create a difference

utilising the time we waste on instagram reels and YouTube shorts and creating

a nation and not just future of an underprivileged slum kid. On a broader aspect

as I linked this with crime rate we see most of the rapes and murders are done

by these underprivileged people who do this for a living so by educating them we

do create a change,

- Syona Arya

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