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An ideal world

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Equality, equity, reality and liberation. What might be the perfect distribution of these things in daily life? What would an ideal world look like? I feel that these four words are something, which have been growing in my mind since that one time it came in my class. In reality, we do not live in an ideal world but why should we be limited to the ideal when striving for liberation? Realistically equity is a step towards equality and ideally, it would be best if everyone were given exactly what he or she needed to reach his or her potential.

Liberation is key to finding true happiness, by liberating people from the shackles of society we can find new ways to thrive. In my mind the perfect world would be one in which everyone could achieve their fullest potential.

What is the correct combination of these four concepts in society? I feel that to reach true liberation we must take a realistic approach to what people need and then give it to them. This would be the first step in achieving equality, by giving every one everything they needed we could move towards this ideal. In order to find perfect equity in society we must strive to create a world, which gives everyone their full potential, if we can do this in all areas of life, then there will be no division between people, as everyone will have the same chance.

Nevertheless, reality serves as an important lesson, which everyone, at least once in his or her lives must face. It is a reminder that life does not give us everything we need. It forces us to find ways around obstacles and work with what we have, reality acts like a mirror reflecting our strengths and weaknesses back at us.

In my opinion, I believe a world so ideal like this cannot exist. However, this won't stop us from following an impossible dream. As that is where, 'The thrill lies'.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done” - Nelson Mandela

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