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Alternate learning for those who skips school a lot:

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

"Education"....I'm not going to bore you out of your mind stating the obvious, repetitive yet true facts supporting the aforementioned phrase. We all must have encountered or researched "education" for our essays writing, at least once. Even though it's the most discussed topic, newness could be found in everything, so let's discuss "education for those who skip or change school frequently".

Education is not restricted to books rather it comprises overall development of the human brain. Human brain is receptive to its environment. Our environment impacts our brain development, if confined, we can't expect it to be developed to its limit. Now coming back to our topic, we can't expect those who skip school a lot to be at par with those who go to school regularly. You must have realized that even when you skip school for just one day you feel the world has moved on and you do not understand what is going on around you, be it socially or academically. Everyone around you has got a new story or inside jokes that you are not part of, now think about those children who, given any reason, can not attend school daily, how bad they feel.

One other thing that needs our attention, stability of the stimulus. Since students who move a lot are exposed to different stimuli for a short period, rather than developing the brain it confuses the system. Our brain needs stability along with exposure for its development, giving enough time to develop a connection. Humans are social animals, we need friends or company. We must have stayed back at home if we got to know our friend is not coming or if we went it felt like that day would never end. Time flies in a blink of an eye when we are with our friend. Now imagine you have to change schools every now and then, leaving your friends behind, how does that make you feel?.... Would you be open to meeting new people in that state of mind? or even if you did, you'll feel you're going to lose them one day when you have to move again. Would those people be open to you?.... making you part of their social circle?

We should have a different learning system for these students that is helpful and inclusive rather than alienating. Before you go on suggesting "online classes" let me tell you, it's not interactive, only insightful. As discussed above, we want to impart a whole experience not just theorems and their applications so these children don't miss out on anything. I would suggest homeschooling but to a group. Yes, it's a bit difficult finding children facing similar issues and clubbing them together. But the whole idea of this system is exposing them to different environment that is more inclusive and accepting, there are others like them. It'll give them a sense of belonging, rather than always being the 'new kid' or that kid who's absence and presence is unknown to his classmates. It's true this idea needs a lot more thought and research to turn it into reality but it's something to ponder over.

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